Everything to Know About Post Ovulation Cramping

Published in Ovulation on 24th July 2014
Everything to Know About Post Ovulation Cramping

In order to understand why females experience post ovulation cramping, we have to understand exactly what ovulation is. This is a process where a females egg is released from a mature ovarian follicle for the purpose of fertilization. If for some reason a female’s egg does not get fertilized, it gets discharged away from the uterus along with some of the uterus lining. This is what is actually in a female’s blood when they bleed (menstruation).

After ovulation, or when the menstruation is occurring, females may experience a number of things: tiredness, fatigue, dizziness, etc. This is completely normal. Cramps and other pains that may be in the abdomen occur in the post ovulation period. Females generally find the cramping in their abdomen, or back area; this is because of the uterus contracting. As experienced by most females, this post ovulation cramping can also cause extreme discomfort which is escorted with headaches, backaches, spotting, and heavy bleeding. If it gets to this point, go consult with your physician.

More About Post Ovulation Cramping

Post ovulation cramping is more likely to occur in the second phase of the menstruation cycle. When this occurs, it is more common to feel the cramps in the lower abdomen area, near the ovaries. There is not really a set time for the pain; it could be long lasting, or it could go away quickly. A woman may find that just before her period, she experience’s pain that is simply unbearable. If this occurs, consult with a physician. Here’s why…

  • You could have ruptured a blood vessel
  • You could have congestion of mucus
  • You could be stretching an ovary
  • You may be constipated

If any female finds that she is spotting after ovulation (small amounts of blood), she should know that the follicle has exploded, and the egg was discharged into the abdomen. When this happens, you have a high chance of cramping in the abdomen area.

Sometimes, this cramping in the abdomen means that you are pregnant. Pregnancy actually takes place when the discharged eggs managed to get fertilized. These cramps occur in this phase because the uterus is undergoing changes. These changes come from the implanted eggs beginning to grow into a fetus. This causes the wall in the abdomen to grow, thus causing cramps.

Depending on a woman’s body, the pain may be extremely bad, or not that bad at all. It is different for everyone. Sometimes, she may find that these cramps cause her to feel fat and heavy. Other times, the cramps might spread to your complete body, causing sheer and utter pain. Don’t assume that you can’t see a doctor just because these cramps are considered to be “normal.” Sometimes the pain will break you down and the only solution is to a see a doctor.

Make sure that you eat healthy if these cramps begin to occur. Fruits and vegetables will give the needed vitamins, and there are other supplements to help you resolve these cramps. Make sure that you are having bowel movements on a normal basis also. Try to reduce your caffeine and alcohol consumption because they restrict your blood vessels which ultimately, make the cramping worse.

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