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Having a child at anytime in your life is certainly a blessing. The older we get the more challenging it gets at times and it is becoming more common that women want to get pregnant over the age of 35. Most women in their 30’s are still able to conceive although new challenges will certainly arise along the way.

The most common problem that women run into when trying to conceive after 35 is that they have less frequent ovulations causing them to be less fertile. It’s okay though, if you want a child, it can still happen. We also see that the quality and quantity of eggs may decline as a female gets older and ages. A few other reasons for this problem can be seen below:

·          Fibroids or Uterine Disorders

·          Chronic Health Problems (Blood Pressure, etc.)

·          Infections or Previous Surgeries that Caused Scar Tissue to Build Around the    Fallopian Tube or Cervix.

·          Endometriosis

·          A Decrease in the Cervical Fluids

Also, as females get older, they begin to see more chromosomal abnormalities. Because of this, miscarriages are seen more often with older females. Statistically, a female that is trying to get pregnant over 35 will have a 20-25% chance of a miscarriage

What are Some Ways to Increase the Chances to Conceive after 35?

There are few things that can be done to ensure maximum chances to conceive:

·          At Home Fertility Screening Test- You can buy an over the counter screening test that can help you with your male or female fertility stages. This can really put your mind at ease when going through your stage of conception.


·          It Takes Longer For You to Conceive- Women who are in their 30's will naturally take longer to conceive. For the average couple in this age range, it will take approximately 1-2 years of trying. Make sure you don’t give up and stay completely positive in this phase.


·          Pre-Conception Appointments Are Important- By making a an appointment of pre-conception, you and your doctor can look at your medical history and trace it up to current dates. By doing this, concerns will be found and options can be discussed to make things work easier.


·          Try to be Physically and Emotionally Fit- While in this age range, you will already have problems conceiving so consider not smoking or drinking heavily if at all possible. This will hinder your fertility rate. Your weight is going to play a major also. If you’re overweight or underweight, you’re also going to have fertility issues.


·          If You Have Been Trying for 6 Months with no Results, Consult with Your Doctor- There is so many reasons why you could be having complications. By consulting with your doctor, proper steps will be taken to find out what’s wrong. Whether it be general tests or fertility tests.


These are a few things you can do to maximize your chances to get pregnant after 35. Good luck and I hope everything works out!



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